Walz Scale Unveils 3D Truck Load Volume Scanner

walz scaleShowcasing a new payload management solution for mining trucks, farming equipment, and other haul vehicles, Walz Sale recently unveiled its new 3D truck load volume scanner system.

This load scanner is an in motion, volumetric load scanning solution that’s developed by Walz Scale; a leader in large scale payload and weighing management solutions. It is simple to operate, install, highly accurate and very fast. This system is ideal for organizations which are keen on advancing their payload management processes to the next level of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The Technology Behind Walz’ Volumetric Payload Scanner (VPS)

This Volumetric Payload Scanner (VPS) has been developed by the said company as an affordable alternative to the rather more pricey heavy duty truck scales. This particular scanner is integrated with a propriety software platform that’s owned by Walz Scale and is aptly called Payload Pro Operating System. This OS is compatible with virtually all types of mobile devices and computers thereby allowing operators to not only view their truck loads in 3D, but also monitor, track and efficiently manage all types of scan data which they may require from time to time.

3d truck load volume scanner

When compared against other payload management systems such as heavy duty weighbridges and portable truck sales, this particular system is by far more affordable. This is because installing the VPS can cost slightly lower than fifty percent of the overall cost of having fixed weighbridges. It is also worth noting that the load scanner system needs very little maintenance requirements when compared against other truck sales options such as weighbridges which constantly require a variety of repair undertakings such as calibration.

Learn more below by watching the video, or visit the main website by Walz Scale for the 3D Load Volume Sanner.

Accurate & Dependable Load Scans & Volume Calculations

truck load scannerAnother key advantage of the VPS is its highly accurate load scanning calculation capability. The system does this by greatly minimizing the unknowns and uncertainties in areas such as moisture content, load variation and compaction. Due to this, any operation which uses the loads cubic volume as its target metric and uses the VPS system will automatically deliver a more reliable and accurate measurement which can then be used accordingly. Because of this, the system does allow companies to completely eliminate any form of guesswork when in need of accurate volumetric calculations.

The ease with which the load scanner can be installed on site is another big advantage; irrespective of the size of the organisation, the system can be operational on the day of installation. Once the system has been installed, it is easy to operate and very fast. It is also worth noting that the system can be accessed remotely in real time in a secure and safe manner. This load scanner system is also accessible from a wide variety of mobile devices and computers.

Versatile & Portable Load Scanner System

Even though the load scanner is usually hard mounted, its flexibility comes in handy since it can be re-installed as required with lots of options available. It can be installed in dedicated local scanning sites, haul road or access driving sites. Among a variety of load volume scanners, the VPS stands heads and shoulders above other systems because it has always received stellar reviews and due to this, it has been used in a variety of industries such as construction and high volume mining sites.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that the load scanner is quite reliable and dependable even during extreme weather conditions which are quite common in remote sites. Its operation has been known to remain consistent for a long period of time. The system has also been found to be quite dependable and consistent because it is engineered to greatly reduce instances of operator error.

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