Top 3 Companies for Truck Scale Rental Solutions

Truck scale rentals provide a suitable solution for companies that require truck scales on an impermanent basis without having to buy their own truck scales. There has been an increased growth in the demand for truck scale rentals in various industries, especially for farmers and agricultural producers, mining companies, logistics and transport companies.

Portable Truck Scale Rental

If you’re business’ operations demand the use of truck scale for short-term use, then take advantage of many different opportunities in truck scales for rent. The following are the top 3 companies for truck scale rental solutions in the U.S.

Payload ProsPayload Pros Truck Scales

Payload Pros is a single source solution for various types of truck scale rentals (mentioned in greater detail below.) Payload Pros is among an industry leader in advanced weighing solutions for several industries and their unique applications.

The company offers flexible and reasonably-priced trucks scales for rent with several options. They also rent-out calibrated and fully tested truck scales with certified accuracy. A couple of the types of truck scales offered in this company include:

AXW 30T Portable Truck Scales for Rent

These portable truck scales are designed for weighing operations which transport not more than 30 tons per load. These weigh scales are engineered to give unified, accurate weight measurement. It also has the option of dynamic or static weighing. AXW30 portable truck scales for rent are manufactured from a piece of aluminum, which delivers an ultra-lightweight portable scale to weigh trucks while providing total and accurate vehicle and axle weights.

AXW 45T Portable Truck Scales for Rent

This truck scales is planned to handle heavy duty and rugged applications that involve weighing vehicles of up to 45 tons. The AXW 45 series delivers reliable measurements for heavy vehicles like haul trucks. This is a popular truck scale which offers reliable solution for diverse users.

Walz Scale Walz Scale Truck Scales Rent

Walz scale is among the leading manufacturers of truck scales and advanced weighing equipment. The company extended its business in the field of truck scale rentals due to its improved demand in the market. Walz scales have lately improved its offer of truck scales for rent. The company serves its clients with diverse kinds of rental truck scales for limited use. Many transporters take the advantage of several benefits of leasing rental truck scales from Walz. Some of the types available here are:

Grain Dump Truck Scales for Rent

grain cart truck scaleThese truck scales provide extra efficacy with the capability to weigh a truckload of goods and unload it while on the scale. Walz provides customizable sizes that match and meet your dump pit. Walz Scale sister company Ag Weigh, which offers weighing solutions specifically for farmers, offers other unique solutions such as grain cart scale systems for rent.

Heavy Duty Truck Scales for Rent

The Walz Scale concrete deck truck scales and the steel deck truck scale gives low profile design and top access to load cells with the advantage of heavy duty structural construction. All the HD truck scales can operate as pit type or above ground and features unique self-setting connectors for future expansion and easy installation. The structural concrete or steel deck sits on a wide flange beams.

AXIM Series Truck Scales for Rent

What unique about this truck scale for rent is that AXIM series axle scales gives accurate weights for vehicles in motion. This enables you to capture individual axle weights including gross vehicle weight without the vehicle stopping.

Wingfield Scale Wingfield Scale

Wingfield was started in the year 1937 as industrial company scale equipment’s. They offer outstanding quality in scale rentals, equipment and service. They offer comprehensive staff that work full-time and are trained in every unique area in the scale industry. The available rental crane scales are from 500LB to 100,000LB in capacity.

Wingfield Scale has portable axle scales, truck wheel weighers and full length truck scales available for lease today. Each unit has steel ramps and self-contained frame eradicating the need for concrete work and costly foundation. These scales are designed to be installed in your premises and weighing trucks immediately. Some of the rental units include:

  • Counting scales
  • Bench scales
  • Floor scales
  • Portable truck scales
  • Dual counting scales

If you’re in the market for truck scale rentals, consider these three top-rated suppliers to get flexible rental packages and the equipment you need to thrive.

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