The Top 5 New Computers for 2016

Are you looking for a home computer with great features and costs less? Most of the latest computers come with strong components that can be upgraded rather than purchasing the entire system.

This makes home personal computers to be affordable as well as versatile. Here are the top best computers for 2016:

Dell XPS 8700

dell computersThis is a model that every individual can fall in love with since it comes with a wide range of features that suit your needs without stretching your budget. It makes use of Intel core i7-6500U with a speed of 3.1GHz, which is one of the top rated processors across the world.

With this processor, you can stream videos as well play a variety of games without your computer slowing down. The Dell XPS 8700 has 8GB RAM and 1 TB hard drive. 8GB RAM allows you to load HD videos or play games without experiencing any problems. The hard drive is quite faster, spinning its inner disc at 7200 rpm making it ideal for home and office use.

MacBook Pro 13″

Mac computersYou do not have to look further than than this model. The MacBook Pro 13″ is regarded as the most advanced home computer. If you are looking for a sleek and luxurious PC, then this laptop can be the best option for you. This device is not only portable, but also power efficient and durable.

In terms of performance, MacBook Pro is faster right from the beginning. In addition, it comes with a long lasting battery, 3.3GHz speed as well as Intel core i7 processor, which is a significant upgrade. The design is still the same as the previous models. MacBook features two thunderbolt ports, USB 3.0 port, HDMI 1.4 port and more.

Asus ROG G751

asus computersThe Asus ROG G751 offers an excellent gaming experience than most of the computers at this price range. Asus comes with a couple of setting options, with the ROG G751 design featuring G-SYNC as well as GTX 970M. However, the 751JY model comes with Intel core i7-4720HQ processor that is characterized by 8 threads and and 4 cores available in 47 watt envelope.

The Asus ROG G751 weighs 3.81 kg and 4 USB 3.0 ports: 2 on the right side and two on the left side, headphone jack, displayport, HDMI, VGA and so on. This is the perfect gadget worth every penny.

ThinkPad Yoga 460

thinkpad yoga computer

This computer will be ideal for beginners as well as professionals. The ThinkPad Yoga 460 has some of the amazing features that you do not want to miss. It features the 6th generation Intel core i7 processor and up to 8GB DDR4 RAM. Moreover, it comes with 1 TB hard drive as well as 256 GB SSD. It cost about $1000, which is far much cheaper than other products with the same features.


Acer Predator

acer computersThe Acer Predator make use of high quality components that can withstand test of time. It also offers better gaming than several computers designed purposely for home use. The Acer Predator comes with Intel i5-4590, which is one of the best processors according to Tom’s Hardware. It has 5 USB ports for connections, DVD writer, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive for better performance at the end of the day, but within the budget of common folks.

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