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Custom Computers, Drones, & More at Nerds on Call

Nerds on CallStarting as a modest computer repair shop in central Illinois, Nerds On Call has steadily grown their local roots to now offering wide range of digital products and services, ranging from home audio and automation systems to custom-built computers and laptops.

With five locations (only four active as a result of a fire in Farmington) Nerds on Call is evolving as one the leading companies in tech throughout Illinois. Below we share some of the awesome products and services now available at Nerds on Call.

RC Drones (with Cameras)RC drones for sale

Nerds On Call offers some of the latest technology in remote control (RC) drones for sale. Equipped with cameras and varying options depending on your level of performance, the RC drones at Nerds on Call make for great gifts as well as activities for all ages.

Custom Built Computers

awesome custom computerNerds on Call offers high-performance, custom-built computers that are designed for heavy usage. Their engineers use latest and quality components (Western Digital, Intel and Kingston) to build custom machines according to your needs. Learn more about custom-built computers that are designed to your needs and specs with Nerds on Call.

All systems come with one year warranty that covers all parts and labor to fix all hardware issues in your new computer. They even honor all manufacturer warranties-even past their own. All their computer systems come pre-installed with their remote software, which means help from their experts is just a click away.

Free Data Transfer

With purchase of any computer, just bring in your old tower, system or laptop, and their experts will migrate everything for you! Their certified technicians will transfer all of your documents, pictures, music files, videos, and more, and install provided software at no extra charge. They will also install an antivirus to help protect your new computer system. They can even setup network in your home or office, for specialized needs.

Nerds on Call offers Intel Core i3 systems, Intel Core i5 systems, and Intel Core i7 systems. You can also purchase business pro laptops and business laptops from them at exciting rates.

Trusted Computer Experts

The best thing about them is that they have expertise in all types of machines. They repair all brands of computers, desktops, tablets, mobile and wireless devices within a short time. They also offer remote services in all US states that range from repairs to troubleshooting until you have the job done. All their peoriaservices are secure, fast and smart. This helps reduce downtime and retain the quality of service.

This is all made possible thanks to the experience of the company’s technicians. Nerds on Call offer both residential and business solutions to address requirements of individuals, small as well as large businesses. They also sell new computers for homes and businesses. The best thing about buying computers and accessories from them is that you can be sure these items are of high quality and tested.

Visit the Peoria store’s address below, or follow the link to see all locations.

Nerds on Call
4906 N. University
Peoria, IL 61614
Phone: (309) 689-3900

Modern AV Systems That Enhance Business Communications

As technology and digitization continue to move forward, more businesses are discovering new and modern AV systems that help enhance their internal and external communications while also strengthening telecommunication processes and results.Innovative AV Systems Telecommunications

Furthermore, it is important to note that many industries are also moving toward outsourcing, virtual offices, and remote workers. Thus, the need for high-tech audio/visual (AV) and communication systems is also growing.

With effective avant-garde AV systems in place, it is possible to increase the efficiency, speed, and quality of various operations within a business. This ultimately contributes to the overall performance and profit of the company.

Here are several innovative AV systems that modern technology offers to businesses today:

1. Interactive Whiteboards

Just imagine how much more effective your presentations will be with the use of an interactive whiteboard! Whether you are discussing the newest project with your own team, sharing a proposal, or presenting to a client, you can make it more interesting through integrated images, files, and text that you can move around on the spot during your presentation. You can edit and save on the spot, too, allowing other people to participate, discuss with diagrams, and more.

These interactive whiteboards are also very useful for trainings. Learn more about them through avsystems.com and meetingtomorrow.com.

2. Videoconferencing System

Modern AV Systems TeleconferencingThese days, new and innovative videoconferencing equipment is playing a huge role in business networking technology and communications. It enables you to conduct face-to-face interviews and meetings across the globe with top-notch audio-visual quality. In this manner, you can have a more personal approach and really be able to build teamwork, reinforce relationships, and enhance collaboration because you get to see one another and not just communicate through chat and audio. You can find out more about videoconferencing benefits here: clearone.com.

Moreover, there are video collaboration systems available today that allow for recordings and playback of meetings, sharing of files while having the conference, and even engaging in multi-party gatherings! You can actually celebrate together by having a virtual party or conduct a webinar and training session through videoconferencing. Discover more of the features here: bluejeans.com and conferenceplus.com.

3. VoIP Phone System

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This system allows businesses to actually call various people in different countries and also make use of modern phone and messaging applications with the use of the Internet.

This is an ideal and efficient system for those with different offices around the world so that all workers can collaborate with one another. It’s also practical and helpful for businesses that make use of remote or home-based employees and virtual offices. What’s more, you can utilize this too for telemarketing purposes, even if you are targeting international clients.

Many VoIP systems today have special features such as web and voice conferencing, automated calling, access of corporate communication network, and using virtual receptionists and also qualified representatives for customer support, among others. To discover more, visit olcs.com.

These are just some of the wonderful modern technologies that businesses can employ at present to engage customers, fortify internal communications and business relations, expand their companies at a global scale, and maintain efficient and constant collaboration across offices and with remote workers.

Businesses today already require digitization so as not to be left behind. With remarkable AV systems such as the ones discussed here, you can enjoy better sharing of ideas and the coming up and sustaining of more innovations as your business operations and communications advance. Indeed there is an increasing need to utilize the best technology for your business purposes. It is therefore essential for you to study the available systems in the market and determine which ones will most be advantageous to you.