5 On-board Scales That Increase Throughput and Efficiency

There is an increased usage of on-board scale systems for mining, farming, waste management, and other industries because companies want to boost throughput and efficiency. These parties also focus on minimizing the cost of operation and overhead, which on-board scales can aid in accomplishing.

Industries and individual companies that use on-board scales also cut down on time that is wasted when trucks are weighed from a weighing station. For instance, the use of on-board scales ensures that the mining companies measure the payload weights accurately, and in a shorter period of time (compared to most external truck scales.) Below we go into detail about the many different on-board scales that these types of companies use to thrive.

On-board Conveyer Belt scales

On-board conveyer belt scales introduced in the mining industry to address the weakness of conventional weighing technologies that were found in mines and plants. The on-board conveyer belt scale is integrated on conveyor belts to weigh material while in transit after extraction.

conveyor belt scale on board

They have an effective measuring system (which is either pressure aided/electronic) that helps to determine the weight of the material that is located in the conveyer belt. This allows for calculation of the weight of the material without disrupting the operation. Its other benefits include: increased throughput, reduced operation cost, increased productivity, high efficiency and a dependable production data.

on-board conveyer belt scales have new features like multiple scale units and communication protocols which are controlled by a single interface controller. It also has impressive interface feature which allows easy control and interpretation of the information that is displayed. Its accuracy and durability is increased by a robust scale. Use of conveyer on-board scales maximizes and optimizes efficiency of the different mining operations. The throughput is also increased.

On-board Truck Scales mining truck scale on board

Truck scales are one of the most important components of a company’s throughput and profit stream. And as a result, on-board truck scales are some of the most common applications of on-board scale technology.

A business is profitable and efficient if the truck scale system is accurate and reliable. On-board scale systems for trucks are available in different configurations so as to match the needs of any application (e.g. heavy capacity applications or light farm use.)

There standard features include: top access to all load cells, local support on truck cells, heavy capacity load cells, steel and concrete deck truck cells, truck cells rental solutions etc.

On-board Rail Scales rail scale

Rail scale could be used in different railway operations like agriculture, recycling and mining operations. They are usually installed on the railroad track and then weigh the train when the car passes over the rail scale system.

Static rail scales are of two types: portable axle rail scale systems and weighbridge rail scales.

Weighbridge Rail Scales

Weighbridge rail scales are ideal for those that are looking for a “legal-for-trade” rail car weighing system. These weighbridge rail scales are common for applications that are fixed, or permanent, as opposed to their portable counterpart.

Axle Rail Scales

Axle rail scales are less robust and they are designed to provide railway car weighing at an affordable price. They have different configurations to match your needs. In motion rail scales are usually designed for portable or permanent installation and deliver accurate weights. They can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

Cold Planner Scales

The cold planner scales provides accurate data, increased throughput and efficiency. It has the Pfreundt belt scale that is an ideal solution for producers that want to track the production data on the belt conveyors.

It has a weighing system that allows field installation and gives accurate and consistent weights. Its other feature is the Wk50 driver that provides the operators with a necessary to perform their operations accurately and efficiently. It can work day in day out and even in tough environments. It has a belt weighing terminal and other many unlimited options that allow the integration of optional components.

Another amazing feature is the optional printer with the ability to add a ticket printer to the belt scale terminal.

Lift Truck Scale on-board lift truck scales

The lift truck scale allows for field installations and provides consistent and accurate weights. Lift truck scale systems are ideal for producers who want to track the production data. It has a patent sensor that ensures durability.

It has an operator interface that provides the operator the tools to perform their operations accurately and efficiently.

Its other benefits include:

    • Easy and simple to install
    • Complete scale system. It has all the components that are necessary for installation
    • Advanced keypad
    • Back-lit LCD

The on-board scales provided above are some of the top scales that increase throughput and energy.

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