Local Medical Billing Company Expands Scope Nationwide

Practice Management was formed in 1995 in the Chicago suburb known as Arlington Heights, IL. Beyond the local scope in northern Illinois, this reputable medical billing company is now offering its medical billing services all throughout the United States. While the company has many of its clients around Chicago and throughout Illinois, its medical billing solutions for health centers and medical clinics are being made available to practices all throughout the nation. practice management medical billing

The goal that Practice Management sets out to achieve centers on providing the best physician billing solutions available. This includes services that work to the benefit all types of medical centers and health clinics while meeting both local and national laws and regulations relating to the clients’ field of practice.

The company has been meeting this goal to local companies in the past and is now expanding its reach to the entire country. Much of what the company is doing entails ensuring that all medical service providers have an efficient and effective billing system in place the enables them to get payments fulfilled faster so that they can maximize revenue and thrive as an organization. Below we delve deeper into what makes Practice Management’s medical billing solutions tops in the industry.

Comprehensive Medical Billing & Coding Services

medical billing coding consultingThe core services that are provided by Practice Management include comprehensive medical billing and coding solutions. Such medical billing and coding services are designed to reduce overhead costs in the workplace while keeping payments from taking too long to process. The services will especially make it easier for different coding setups to be used as demanded.

The services here work for all individual medical professions and health specialties. Practice Management has options for all medical billing demands including dermatology, pediatric, podiatry, internal medicine and urology billing solutions. The firm has experience with these and many other firms that are found all around the Chicago area and is now devoted to providing such solutions to all entities that need help with what they may have to work with.

Credentialing Solutions

Credentialing is a process where businesses are helped through the process of adjusting their coding and billing solutions to meet up with the standards that are required through certain providers. Credentialing works to ensure that all plans operate with Medicare, Medicaid and various health insurance providers. Practice Management has worked with many Illinois-based groups like the state’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield services and is now expanding its reach to work with more companies.

Cataloged Health Records

The catalog of health records that an entity might hold can be rather complicated. Practice Management is helping businesses to manage its many different health record setups that using a series of portals that run with different standards that are often very easy for people to use.

Billing Service Specialization

One popular feature of what Practice Management has to offer comes from its specialization features. It offers individual billing services for many specific types of health-related businesses like surgery billing, health center billing, and FQHC billing solutions, among other areas. The services that are available through Practice Management is devoted to ensuring that all specialized areas are capable of getting the most out of their billing needs.

Practice Management can currently be contacted at at 1-800-395-7780 and can also be contacted by mail at:

Practice Management
415 West Golf Road Suite 16
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Learn more about the company’s billing services for FQHCs, or find out more about Practice Management’s comprehensive medical billing solutions.

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