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How to Start a Thriving IT Consulting Business

Information technology (IT) has become an increasingly essential part of many businesses today. For most businesses, it has become vital utilize technology to run a successful company regardless of the industry. Most of people involved in other fields of business may not properly appreciate the importance of IT in running a successful business.

Business IT Consultant Strategy

IT consulting and support solutions have been proven to be the perfect niche for a consulting specialist to help businesses establish and run their IT systems effectively. Some of the largest companies hire IT consultants and pay hefty fees to ensure that they get the best in  business IT constancy. This is greatly encouraging to aspiring IT consultants who have some new insights and strategies that will provide business with a competitive edge.

The Role of Business IT Consultants

Information is power and in today’s world information technology allows you gain and have access to essential information. IT allows business to not only disseminate and receive information in a more convenient and quick way but also to save on costs such as travel, printing and filing costs.

An effectively run IT system will provide this and much more to an organization but the reality is that many companies rarely utilize the full potential of their IT system. This provides the necessity for IT consultants to help companies utilize their IT systems or establish new ones.

IT has become one of the leading market trends in many industries which makes it critically important for small and medium business to rise up to the level of the market leaders. The following are some of the reasons why bother SMB and enterprise-level business IT consultants are important:

Provide a fresh perspective

IT consultants provide an unbiased and professionally trained perspective on the running and effectiveness of your IT systems which employees inside the organization might not see clearly. This puts consultants at a unique position to identify a company’s problems, provide solutions and insights on how to improve the system to provide more strategic benefits.

Facilitate Positive Change

Many small and medium businesses do not have a fully optimized IT support system which makes change a necessity. It is hard to change especially internally IT consultants will ensure that your employees get the necessary training and guidance to ensure that the change is successfully and effectively done. They also analyze the effectiveness and necessity of your equipment and staff to ensure that your company does not have excesses or unnecessary staff and equipment that make it less cost effective.

Tips to Establish a Thriving IT Consultancy Business

  • Time management and organization – Organization is key when starting a management consulting business to ensure you can effectively juggle several clients at a time and effectively give them the required amount of time.
  • People skills – A consultant needs to have good networking skills to ensure they have the necessary contacts to effectively sell themselves to potential clients.
  • Value – Providing the required value to every client is crucial to grow your reputation in the market and build brand loyalty hence increased sales.
  • Learn from the best in the business – Ensure you scout out your competition to ensure that you are relevant and at pur with your competition and work on gaining a competitive edge.

So whether you specialize in business computer systems or technical IT support, there are a wealth of opportunities to tap into the world of information technology.

5 On-board Scales That Increase Throughput and Efficiency

There is an increased usage of on-board scale systems for mining, farming, waste management, and other industries because companies want to boost throughput and efficiency. These parties also focus on minimizing the cost of operation and overhead, which on-board scales can aid in accomplishing.

Industries and individual companies that use on-board scales also cut down on time that is wasted when trucks are weighed from a weighing station. For instance, the use of on-board scales ensures that the mining companies measure the payload weights accurately, and in a shorter period of time (compared to most external truck scales.) Below we go into detail about the many different on-board scales that these types of companies use to thrive.

On-board Conveyer Belt scales

On-board conveyer belt scales introduced in the mining industry to address the weakness of conventional weighing technologies that were found in mines and plants. The on-board conveyer belt scale is integrated on conveyor belts to weigh material while in transit after extraction.

conveyor belt scale on board

They have an effective measuring system (which is either pressure aided/electronic) that helps to determine the weight of the material that is located in the conveyer belt. This allows for calculation of the weight of the material without disrupting the operation. Its other benefits include: increased throughput, reduced operation cost, increased productivity, high efficiency and a dependable production data.

on-board conveyer belt scales have new features like multiple scale units and communication protocols which are controlled by a single interface controller. It also has impressive interface feature which allows easy control and interpretation of the information that is displayed. Its accuracy and durability is increased by a robust scale. Use of conveyer on-board scales maximizes and optimizes efficiency of the different mining operations. The throughput is also increased.

On-board Truck Scales mining truck scale on board

Truck scales are one of the most important components of a company’s throughput and profit stream. And as a result, on-board truck scales are some of the most common applications of on-board scale technology.

A business is profitable and efficient if the truck scale system is accurate and reliable. On-board scale systems for trucks are available in different configurations so as to match the needs of any application (e.g. heavy capacity applications or light farm use.)

There standard features include: top access to all load cells, local support on truck cells, heavy capacity load cells, steel and concrete deck truck cells, truck cells rental solutions etc.

On-board Rail Scales rail scale

Rail scale could be used in different railway operations like agriculture, recycling and mining operations. They are usually installed on the railroad track and then weigh the train when the car passes over the rail scale system.

Static rail scales are of two types: portable axle rail scale systems and weighbridge rail scales.

Weighbridge Rail Scales

Weighbridge rail scales are ideal for those that are looking for a “legal-for-trade” rail car weighing system. These weighbridge rail scales are common for applications that are fixed, or permanent, as opposed to their portable counterpart.

Axle Rail Scales

Axle rail scales are less robust and they are designed to provide railway car weighing at an affordable price. They have different configurations to match your needs. In motion rail scales are usually designed for portable or permanent installation and deliver accurate weights. They can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

Cold Planner Scales

The cold planner scales provides accurate data, increased throughput and efficiency. It has the Pfreundt belt scale that is an ideal solution for producers that want to track the production data on the belt conveyors.

It has a weighing system that allows field installation and gives accurate and consistent weights. Its other feature is the Wk50 driver that provides the operators with a necessary to perform their operations accurately and efficiently. It can work day in day out and even in tough environments. It has a belt weighing terminal and other many unlimited options that allow the integration of optional components.

Another amazing feature is the optional printer with the ability to add a ticket printer to the belt scale terminal.

Lift Truck Scale on-board lift truck scales

The lift truck scale allows for field installations and provides consistent and accurate weights. Lift truck scale systems are ideal for producers who want to track the production data. It has a patent sensor that ensures durability.

It has an operator interface that provides the operator the tools to perform their operations accurately and efficiently.

Its other benefits include:

    • Easy and simple to install
    • Complete scale system. It has all the components that are necessary for installation
    • Advanced keypad
    • Back-lit LCD

The on-board scales provided above are some of the top scales that increase throughput and energy.

The Natural Approach to Developing Strong, Intelligent Kids

There’s a movement taking over many parts of the world that focuses on more holistic, organic, and natural ways to approach raising kids. This natural approach centers on the development of strong, creative, and intelligent kids through the use of more natural means, spanning from toys and activities to diet and playing

The natural approach to developing strong, intelligent kids extends into many facets of life. Below we discuss a few primary means in which parents, guardians, and mentors alike are fostering childhood growth in a more impactful and natural manner.

Social Interaction is Vital

One of the most influential ways in which kids can naturally grow and learn is through social interaction with both peers and older kids and adults. Social exposure and engagement enables kids to truly see the actions and behaviors of others, enabling them to naturally create their own sense of personality.

Additionally, kids naturally look-up to old children. Surrounding young children with good role models, such as honorable brothers, sisters, and family members, promotes great intellect on many different levels. Additionally, kids can learn the importance of proper diet and exercise from old kids with the right mindset.

Invest in the Right Natural Toys

There is an overwhelming amount of toys to choose from for kids. And many of these toys are far from natural. The most common are these so-called educational toys that make loud noises and attempt to interact with kids. However, the truth of the matter is, many of these toys fail to engage with kids on a deeper level, and often lead to passive behavior patterns.

Seek out more natural toys for kids that are simplistic and made from natural and organic materials. These types of natural kids toys might seem basic, but they are actually ideal in encouraging creative and imaginative play in children. For instance, the wooden kitchen play set is perfect natural option that offers a wide variety of features and accessories that keeps kids creatively active for hours on end.

Proper Diet & Exercise kids exercising

Although only common in more conscious families (at least in the United States), underscoring the importance of natural and healthy eating is important for kids to tap into a higher level of intelligence. Food is fuel for the body and brain. And when that fuel consists of mostly natural and organic fruits and vegetables, kids will then thrive in more ways then one.

Parallel to proper diet is the importance showing kids the value and significance of exercise and keeping one’s body in good health. Although some forms of exercise might not seem the most exciting in kids (e.g. jogging), getting creative and making exercise fun is the best way to go. There are tons of games and outdoor activities that enables kids to keep active. Additionally, sometimes investing in things like bicycles, scooters, roller blades, or ice skates are a great way to get kids excited to exercise (even though they might not even look at that way.)

Do you have any tips for parents and families look to take a more natural approach to developing kids who are strong and intelligent? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Critical Role of Calibration Services for Manufacturers

Calibration is a set of procedures for determining whether various instruments, devices and machinery are working well and whether their performance is in line with the standards set by their manufacturer. This procedure determines the margin of errors and devices that are calibrated adapt to standard values.

Instrument Calibration

Simply put, calibration is a procedure which determines whether, for example, a measuring instrument such as a scale is working well, and if the instrument is faulty, the process of calibration will show exactly how big are the deviations.

The Importance of Calibration Services

Calibration services confirm the validity of various equipment using calibration instruments. There are different types of calibration services:

  • laboratory calibration
  • calibration equipment
  • hardness test
  • instrument calibration
  • load cell calibration
  • machine calibration
  • pipette calibration
  • pressure calibration
  • speedometer calibration
  • temperature calibration

While some companies specialize in offering calibration services for only a few of the latter mentioned applications, some calibration companies like OQI Calibration of Illinois provide a complete spectrum of these services.

5 Reasons Calibration Services Are a Necessity

1. Using an Illinois calibration service provider for testing of production equipment is the only way to ensure that all production equipment and instruments are working precisely and accurately. The precision and accuracy of work equipment is essential so the work and production processes run smoothly and that the final product is of adequate quality. Calibrating Instrument

2. It is the only way that equipment performs accurately after a certain period of usage (returning the equipment) to the factory settings, thereby devices and machinery provide optimal results. Prolonged usage of equipment and instruments inevitably leads to certain discrepancies in their performance which can then lead to the final measurement not being at the expected level of quality.

Particularly common in scale systems, this happens due to the handling of the equipment, the effects of temperature, humidity and similar external circumstances. Of course, bad final product leads to unnecessary financial costs and customers losing faith in your products.

3. Calibration service provider have the latest understanding and technology, as well as equipment that is specially tested so they can calibrate your equipment with precision. Good services follow the latest technological developments in calibration and apply it in their work to constantly improve the quality of their services.

4. Calibration of equipment enables compliance with the requirements of international quality systems and standards for placing goods and services on the market. The fulfillment of the requirements of these international systems of standards is not an easy task for any entrepreneur and to succeed, substantial efforts are required. Calibration allows to maintain once achieved level of quality over the long term.

5. Calibration conducted by an authorized service provides extended equipment life, reliability and accuracy in their performance. Only the proper functioning of equipment and instruments which can be achieved with calibration can prevent many unwanted delays in work processes and serious equipment failure.

To ensure the accuracy and dependability that calibration services offer, it is necessary to calibrate the equipment in certain time intervals, depending on the type of equipment, quality assurance requirements, and other factors.

Calibration services, after doing the job, will issue relevant certificates confirming that the tested equipment is operating in accordance with the prescribed standards. As you can see, using a calibration service is extremely important for every manufacturer.

What to Look for in Remote Virus Removal Services

A virus attack on any computer system can have devastating effects on any business, viruses have been known to slow down computer systems, disrupt internet connections, corrupt data and files, and remove data permanently amongst a host of other ills. remote virus removal provider

The importance of removing computer viruses can therefore not be gainsaid. It is no wonder then that remote virus removal service providers have become quite popular in the recent past. Because of the increased popularity in companies that offer online or remote virus removal services, it is important to take into consideration several factors so as to ensure that you not only get value for money, but also do so in a secure and safe environment. These factors include but are not limited to the following:

Ease of accessing remote virus removal service

First and foremost, most if not all remote virus removal service providers do provide a round the clock service offering. It is possible to contact a remote virus removal company service twenty fours a day, seven days a week all year round. Because they are online or web based companies on the internet, they do serve a relatively large client base, with clients coming from different time zones all over the world; their business does demand this kind of presence. This is a huge advantage to clients seeking these services because it means that a client can get his or her problem solved immediately they decide to seek virus removal services.

Amount of effort to be expended

Unlike other virus removal systems, which may require the computer owner to either carry the computer to a repair workshop or have a technician come to the location to clear the viruses, a remote virus removal service provider will do the job without requiring any movement of the machine. Like the remote virus removal services at, all one is required to do is to have the computer online.

This comes in quite handy for the computer owner who is not keen on moving his machine or leaving it with strangers. It also reduces the inherent risks associated with carrying a computer to and from a repair workshop. It makes the virus removal process very convenient and often times less expensive.

The security of the entire process

computer virus helpBy its nature, remote virus removal services are handled online and therefore the computer repair technicians who handle the removal work will seek for your permission before they access your files. You will also be able to see what exactly they are doing with your data. Further to this, most of these service providers spare no effort in ensuring that their sites are safe by having them regularly checked and secured.

Most of them will display their security status, or SSL certification on their website, showing which security firm has endorsed them and the software they are using. Computer owners should check for a lock sign on the website or check if the sites URL starts with “https….”, this shows that the site is safe and secure.

Experience levels

By virtue of their mode of doing business, remote virus removal service providers get the opportunity to interact with a variety of clients; from small businesses or homeowners to large business enterprises. They also get to work on a variety of operating systems and different computer models and configurations. The experience they gather in such diverse set-ups is usually brought to bear when they work on client computers.

Affordability and cost effectiveness Remote Computer Virus Removal Service

Because companies which provide remote and online virus removal services are online based and work over the internet, their overhead costs tend to be lower than that of a conventional virus removal service provider. Most of these companies usually pass this advantage to their clients by charging less and yet delivering solutions faster; this is because they are online and have access to the minute by minute happenings with regard to new virus attack methods and the available solutions.

5 Top-Rated Logistics Management Companies in the U.S.

Logistics ManagementThe logistics industry in the United States has taken a giant leap forward over the decade. Where once there were a handful of nationally-recognized third party logistics providers, now there are hundreds of logistics management companies competing in the transport industry.

Learn what some of the top logistics companies are offering and how they are making a presence of prominence in the U.S. Explore five top rate third party logistics and supply chain management companies.

1. J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. JB Hunt Transport Services Logo

Just like its name suggests, J.B. Hunt Transport Service, Inc. it is a transporting and at the same time a trucking company. The company was incorporated in 1960 beginning with only five trucks and seven refrigerated trailers. Currently the company boasts of over 12,000 trucks and more than 47,000 trailers.

J.B. Hunt Transport Service’s number of employees has  also increased with the company having over 16,000 employees. The company has continued to venture more and now offers logistics management services in the United States, Canada as well as Mexico. With estimated annual revenues of up to $3 billion, J.B. Hunt Transport Service is certainly a force to reckon in the logistics department.

2. Ryder Systems Inc. Ryder Systems Logo

Based in Miami Florida, Ryder Systems Inc. offers supply chain management services as well as transportation services. Although its headquarters are in Miami, it operates across the United States, United Kingdom and even in Asia. A company that started in 1933 with just one Ford truck now operates more than 10,000 trucks with the total of over 30,000 vehicles which they manage. Ryder now manages more than 15,000,000 square feet of warehouse space which is quite impressive.

3. United Facilities, Inc.

United Facilities Third Party LogisticsUnited Facilities Inc. is headquartered in central Illinois’ East Peoria, making this logistics management company central avenue for road and water transports (along the Illinois river.) The existence of this third party logistics and supply chain management company can be traced back in 1953 when the A.W. sons and others bought a 125,000 square foot warehouse to store products for other companies who did not  have such warehouses. Since then the company has never looked back.

United Facilities now operates more than 12 warehouses that meet the qualifications of a food and beverages warehouse. Whether you’re seeking transportation services, packaging and shipping, warehousing and fulfillment, supply chain services or other advanced 3PL services, this should be everyone’s destination.

4. Expeditors International Inc.

Expeditors International Inc. is headquarters are based in Washington, but its services are spread across the globe just like its name suggests. The company offers logistics services with its most outstanding services being the freight forwarding services. With estimated annual revenue of about $6 billion, Expeditors International has taken over the world of logistics offering its clients with high-quality logistics management services. With their employee numbers rising to over 13,000, the company promises to serve its clients to perfection.

5. APL Logistics

APL Logistics is an international logistics company which offers both local and international freight forwarding services. Warehousing and distribution management services are also among the other services that are readily offered by this company. With its great investment in technology, APL Logistics has been able to effectively handle the logistics needs across the countries which it operates in without experiencing any difficulties.

So now that the list of the top companies offering logistics management services is out, there is no excuse for not consulting with one of the top rate logistics companies that’s closesly aligned with your needs and budget restrains.

Walz Scale Unveils 3D Truck Load Volume Scanner

walz scaleShowcasing a new payload management solution for mining trucks, farming equipment, and other haul vehicles, Walz Sale recently unveiled its new 3D truck load volume scanner system.

This load scanner is an in motion, volumetric load scanning solution that’s developed by Walz Scale; a leader in large scale payload and weighing management solutions. It is simple to operate, install, highly accurate and very fast. This system is ideal for organizations which are keen on advancing their payload management processes to the next level of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The Technology Behind Walz’ Volumetric Payload Scanner (VPS)

This Volumetric Payload Scanner (VPS) has been developed by the said company as an affordable alternative to the rather more pricey heavy duty truck scales. This particular scanner is integrated with a propriety software platform that’s owned by Walz Scale and is aptly called Payload Pro Operating System. This OS is compatible with virtually all types of mobile devices and computers thereby allowing operators to not only view their truck loads in 3D, but also monitor, track and efficiently manage all types of scan data which they may require from time to time.

3d truck load volume scanner

When compared against other payload management systems such as heavy duty weighbridges and portable truck sales, this particular system is by far more affordable. This is because installing the VPS can cost slightly lower than fifty percent of the overall cost of having fixed weighbridges. It is also worth noting that the load scanner system needs very little maintenance requirements when compared against other truck sales options such as weighbridges which constantly require a variety of repair undertakings such as calibration.

Learn more below by watching the video, or visit the main website by Walz Scale for the 3D Load Volume Sanner.

Accurate & Dependable Load Scans & Volume Calculations

truck load scannerAnother key advantage of the VPS is its highly accurate load scanning calculation capability. The system does this by greatly minimizing the unknowns and uncertainties in areas such as moisture content, load variation and compaction. Due to this, any operation which uses the loads cubic volume as its target metric and uses the VPS system will automatically deliver a more reliable and accurate measurement which can then be used accordingly. Because of this, the system does allow companies to completely eliminate any form of guesswork when in need of accurate volumetric calculations.

The ease with which the load scanner can be installed on site is another big advantage; irrespective of the size of the organisation, the system can be operational on the day of installation. Once the system has been installed, it is easy to operate and very fast. It is also worth noting that the system can be accessed remotely in real time in a secure and safe manner. This load scanner system is also accessible from a wide variety of mobile devices and computers.

Versatile & Portable Load Scanner System

Even though the load scanner is usually hard mounted, its flexibility comes in handy since it can be re-installed as required with lots of options available. It can be installed in dedicated local scanning sites, haul road or access driving sites. Among a variety of load volume scanners, the VPS stands heads and shoulders above other systems because it has always received stellar reviews and due to this, it has been used in a variety of industries such as construction and high volume mining sites.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that the load scanner is quite reliable and dependable even during extreme weather conditions which are quite common in remote sites. Its operation has been known to remain consistent for a long period of time. The system has also been found to be quite dependable and consistent because it is engineered to greatly reduce instances of operator error.